3 Types of Items Most Frequently Broken in a Move

Moving always requires 100% attention and control if you don’t want to forget something or break your precious belongings in the process. Packing and unpacking play one of the central roles in the safety of your belongings, so this article is dedicated to them. Once you decided to move to our beautiful city of San Antonio and start a new life, you still will need some reminders about your past that will help you adjust to a new place. In most cases these are valuable pieces of glass or frames. So the question is how to save these dearest things when relocating? The answer is just below!

Anything made of glass: glassware, frames, mirrors

Anything made of glass is extremely easy to break. This is why these fragile items require your packing skills. According to moving companies the best remedy protection for your glass items is bubble wrap. Lots of bubble wrap.
When packing glass-made objects you need not only to wrap each item separately, but also ensure that the wrapping stays in place. Use tape to secure the package. For bigger objects like frames you can use paper and when packing them in boxes separate each frame with some crumpled paper or bubble wrap again. It’s important to ensure that you secure all breakables inside of the boxes.

Plates and china wares

The idea for all breakables is pretty much the same: protect and secure the protection. But with china you should be more careful because the cups, for instance, can’t fill all the empty space in a box, so your goal is to ensure that you do so manually. To save space in your truck, you can use towels or socks for this purpose. Before putting the box with china and plates into the moving truck, professional movers advise shaking it a little to feel that nothing moves inside of the box.


In terms of electronics even experts from moving companies advise taking everything you can with you into the car because the risks are too high! Yet if your plasma is so big that it can’t fit into your vehicle, then pack it thoroughly. It’s great if you have original box and Styrofoam for packing because this is the best way to secure your electronics. Should you have no original packaging, till use a big box, and to secure the piece of electronics in the box wrap it in bubble wrap and secure with Styrofoam.

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