5 Best Reasons to Move to San Antonio

This year San Antonio has become one of the top ten hottest cities in the real estate hunt. In Austin the prices for housing are raising, while San Antonio still keeps its affordable and competitive pricing. But people move here not only for housing needs. The city is also one of the most fast-growing business centers in the whole country, so no wonder that so many young families seek shelter here. What else? Well, read on about why so many Americans choose to move to San Antonio.

1. Affordable Real Estate Market

Yes, this is called reason number one. The median price for homes in the city is about $219,000 which is absolutely affordable for families even with low income. Furthermore, the average sales rate in the city is still lower than in the country in general, which means that today you can buy a perfect home for a price that would double and even triple in the next decade!

2. Family-Friendly Neighborhoods

Being the seventh biggest city in the country, San Antonio has saved its neighborly friendliness in all districts. If you have bough a house here, but didn’t move in yet, be sure that your new neighbors will keep the house safe until you join their community.

3. Job Growth

Texas is one of the best states in the country if you’re looking for a job. And San Antonio is one of the greatest places to begin from because the unemployment rate here is only 3.8% compared to 5.2% nationwide. The city develops fast and efficiently so new vacancies and job offers flood the market attracting people here. Another advantage of the city is its industries diversity that includes tourism, military, finance and banking, oil and gas, and healthcare.

4. Unique Culture and Cuisine

If you love to eat tasty, then San Antonio is your heaven. The city is a premier cultural destination that is best known for the authentic barbecue, Tex-Mex cuisine, and chef-inspired restaurants. Pretty a lot of the city’s cultural checkpoints are located along the River Walk, which is a perfect destination for both locals and tourists.

5. Living Among History

And, of course, don’t forget the Alamo! The city is not only modern, but also filled with the history. The Alamo together with the four other historical sites along the Mission Trail will be a perfect recreational and adventurous time-spending activity for the whole family. Apart from that there are lots of galleries, museums, exhibitions, and artifacts for exploration.

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