How to Adjust after the Move?

So you’ve moved to San-Antonio? Now what? How can you adjust to a new place, new neighbors, new job or school? How to meet people and not feel alone?
These questions appear in the head of everyone who just moved to our city, so here the aim is to help you adopt. Below you will find 10 tips that will help you get into the new society faster and smoother.
1) Learn beforehand. In order to handle moving easier, you need to learn about the new place before you get there. Read about stores around your new home, public transport, school, post office and everything else you will need. This will help you orient at new place faster and easier.
2) Take your time. After the relocation you are likely to have a thousand of things to do: unpacking, cleaning, new home adjustment, calling to all services to let them know you’re living in this home, etc. To facilitate this hire a moving company that will do everything about the unpacking and cleaning so that you can go around and meet new neighbors.
3) Present yourself. Everyone is judged by his cover, so make sure you present yourself right in the neighborhood. Think of your first appearance and make it interesting and positive for your neighbors. Consider baking a cake or inviting everyone for a picnic in your backyard in order to make the right first impression.
4) Take nothing personally. People don’t know you yet, so don’t judge them by their judgement towards you. Follow your plan and don’t mind if someone says something to you. Of course, if your unpacking at homes goes far past midnight and you make a lot of noise, then movers advise postponing this activity for the next day not to irritate neighbors from the first day.
5) First day at new job/school. Try to get at least one friend at a new place who will show you around and whom you’ll have lunch with. It can be your coworker at the next desk or a curator at university or school. Even one connection is a great win for you.
6) Treat yourself. Think of your relocation as about some heroic activity and give yourself some reward for it. Explore the surroundings by going to a restaurant or a cinema, check San Antonio’s Main Plaza in the evening or McNay Art Museum. Observe what people do, maybe you can participate in some local event. This would be a perfect way to take some rest after such a stressful endeavor and at the same time meet your new community.

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