How to Handle Moving and Depression Afterwards

Relocation can be stressful in its core. Any moving is connected to meeting deadlines, keeping a bunch of things in your head at a time, controlling your moving company and scheduling thousands of appointments before and after the actual moving date. But in most cases people confess that the real tough times begin after the moving day when you need to get used to the new place and people around.
Some people get frustrated because they don’t know where the store is, others feel depressed because their precious favorite china or photo frame got broken. Regardless of the reason, it’s important to fight your bad mood and here are some tips on how to do it.
1. Accept the fact. Until you confess to yourself that you feel sad and maybe even depressed, you won’t get out of this condition. Moving companies say that most people feel nostalgic about their previous places, yet around 43% of them actually fall into depression. Be ready to the sadness and work with it.
2. Relax and stop thinking about it. You’ve already moved, your movers unpacked your favorite things and only new things surround you now. So start your new life and look into the future instead of mourning for what has been left behind. Get yourself together and start enjoying your new life!
3. Stay in contact. In most cases after moving depression begins because you miss the people who stayed back there. So don’t lose contact with them – call and talk, share your new experiences and of course invite them to visit you. But apart from staying in contact with the old friends, make sure that you find new ones! Throw a party or just knock on the neighbor’s door to learn more about the people around.
4. Go out. Experiencing and exploring new place is the best way to kill time if you don’t have anything to do at the moment and a perfect idea to elevate your mood. Sometimes it is even advised to forget about the map and just walk around the neighborhood so that you can learn and remember the routes; in case you get lost it will also be a great way to start talking to the locals to learn more about your new environment.
5. Set goals. Start from the small ones: to find two stores, to taste local cuisine, to talk to a neighbor and then go further. Just find something you can do every day and you’ll see how much more interesting your life can get!

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