When you’re planning a move, you definitely think about the perfect moment when you enter your new home and the new life begins. But before you can reach that sacred moment, you are likely to leave the new housing empty and under no supervision. This period between the purchase of new home and your moving in should be taken care of very carefully because otherwise you risk losing the beauty of new place. Here you can read about several tips from moving companies that would help you stay safe

Have sensors installed on windows and doors

Even in the best suburbs of San Antonio it is highly advised to install sensors and alarm system. This would allow you to leave windows open when leaving the house to let it breath and at the same time will protect your belongings inside of the house from unwelcomed guests. A lot of people don’t even consider this kind of home protection because believe that such alarm systems cost a fortune. Well, that’s not true at all. You can get at least windows sensors at any your local hardware or department store.

Connect to the neighbors

Professionals from moving companies say that this is a common practice to ask the new neighbors to watch your home from time to time. People living around will be able to spot some weird activity in your home and call the police. If you already know those people you can even leave them a spare key from your new home and ask them to check on it once a week just in case.

Keep the spare key safe

It is also very common for homeowners to leave their spare keys somewhere around the house. But according to moving companies in San Antonio you shouldn’t do that unless you actually live in that home. If you have just purchased the property, there’s no need to leave a spare key on the porch and so invite anyone to your home. If you do want to have a spare key hidden somewhere, then either leave it with the neighbors or think of a good hiding place but only after you move in! No spare keys before moving into the house.

Create a picture of an inhabited property

Even though you will move in soon, it’s great if you can create a picture of an inhabited house. Take care of the garden, water the flowers (you can hire a gardener for that) and keep the house in generally good shape. This is the best way to “repel” the burglars from your new property.

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